All Natural Soy Candles that make your House feel more like a Home

Hello fellow candle lovers!

I'm glad you stumbled upon my first blog post since creating this website. I won't go into too much detail about how we started the company because honestly, that isn't why you are here. I will say, however, I personally feel like my fragrance line is one of the only things that are keeping the peace in my home these days. That is why I created products that are made with chemical free, cruelty free, and GMO free ingredients. Rest assured our products are healthy for you and your family.

We are in unprecedented times and have no idea what the future holds because of COVID-19. Which in itself is scary, but don't worry, I have created products that can help with that. The world we live in has changed and evolved so much since 2020 started. We can either see that as a bad thing or embrace it by moving forward. While most of us are still stuck at home for the time being, the only thing I've realized I CAN control, is what goes on in my own household and the atmosphere created in it. 


For years, my life's purpose has been to create a peaceful environment around me. Within my circle of friends, in my home, and everywhere I go. I guess that's just how God made me. So...I created a candle line that helps me and those around me do just that. When I light a candle in my home, the atmosphere it creates instantly makes me want to cuddle up, grab a good book, pour a glass of something sweet and just soak up the crackling sounds of the wooden wick. It truly is a calming experience every time whether I am alone or with others. 


If you are anything like me, finding peace in a world of chaos is important. Even if it's just for a moment. If you feel the same way and want to use all natural products, I know ours will help make your house feel more like a home. Choose a scent that smells as dreamy as it sounds and start enjoying some peace today. I promise you won't be disappointed  


All my love,





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